CUBA 中文包 7.0.1 发布



CUBA v7 中文包 7.0.1 发布,主要修复由于 v7 包名变更引起部分翻译不生效的问题。

  1. CUBA web/gui 模块中特别是访问组的部分地方等。
  2. 工作流实体属性显示,模版元编辑等。
  3. 报表中实体属性显示,报表向导等



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这中文包 我安装了 也没汉化成功

By Studio

  1. Edit Project properties and on the App components panel click the plus button next to Custom components .
  2. Copy add-on coordinates from the marketplace page or from the add-on’s documentation and paste them in the coordinates field, for example:
  1. Click OK in the dialog. Studio will try to find the add-on binaries in the repository currently selected for the project. If it is found, the dialog will close and the add-on will appear in the list of custom components.
  2. Save the project properties by clicking OK .